In Memory of J. L. McCall

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Clipping from

The Chronicle,

Abbeville, GA

 “In memory of J. L. McCall”

 Abba, Ga., Aug. 1913

“The Chronicle,

Abbeville, Ga.

 J.  L. McCall was the youngest of six brothers, D. L. McCall the oldest was the first Lieutenant of Co. E. 49th Ga. and the first one to die, he is buried at Richmond Virginia, William McCall the second oldest was the second one to die, he was buried at Richmond VA., Jasper or A. J. McCall was the third brother and the third one to die, he was killed in the battle of the wilderness in Virginia, John McCall was the fourth brother and the fourth one to die, he died at home,  J. A. McCall was the fifth brother and the fifth one to die, he died and was buried in Alabama.  J. L. McCall the sixth brother and the youngest and the sixth to die.  All was members of Co. E. 49th Ga. Remt.  The four oldest David L., William, A. J. and J. A. all died in good service and made good soldiers there being six of them.  Capt. Fuller and the Company excused John and James and they never went to Virginia with the Company. John died in 1863.  James L. was Post Master at Adams P. O. and was excused from Military duty till 1864, he then joined the militia and was in the siege around Atlanta.  His sister Mary died, I reckon in 1868 and his sister, Celitia died about 1872.  His sister, Better, L. C. Covington’s wife is the only one of the family now living.  Bro. McCall and myself were born and reared together, playmates and schoolmates, both of us married and lived near neighbors for twenty two years and he was a good neighbor, all the time I always loved him as a play boy, I loved him as a friend and neighbor.  Now may the blessings of the Lord rest upon his companion and children.

 John A. Tomberlin.”